The Gang Gets Heated

September 23, 2017

Chris (@Mistochristopho) Ruairi (@Ruairi_s) and Kyle (@Kyleread55) are back to discuss fantasy football and also get into a debate in who really is the better WR, Jarvis Landry or Jermaine Kearse? As always, feel free to subscribe and leave a review and to check back in every Wednesday and Friday or brand new podcasts and content!


The Gang Discusses College Football Quarterbacks

September 20, 2017

The gang, (Ruairi_S, Mistochristopho and Kyleread55) returns for week 3 to discuss game by game predictions and to discuss their 1st Top 5 rankings of the 2018 Quarterback class all on top of announcing a very exciting addition to the Eleven on 11 podcast.


EP 2: Week 2 preview in the NFL

September 17, 2017

Host Chris Thornton (@Mistochristopho) and guest Kyle Read (@kyleread55) provide game by game predictions for week 2 around the NFL and give their advice for all your daily fantasy needs.



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Episode I: A Fresh Beginning

September 7, 2017

In a new regime of Eleven on 11, The podcast moves in a new direction with the hiring of new Co-hosts, Christopher Thornton (@Mistochristopho) and Ruairi Songer (@Ruairi_S), as they attempt to revamp the Eleven on 11 podcast. In this episode the new gang discusses everything Week 1 in this brand new 2017 NFL season, as well as discuss their predictions for the yearly NFL awards and the first segment of "Eleven on 11: Daily Fantasy Sports". Also an old friend makes a guest appearance on the pod to give an update on what he's doing in life these days.


Episode 21: QB situations and It’s Always Sunny In The NFL

July 26, 2017

Zach and Ryan are back with Jaguars Twitter member and friend Chris Thornton (@mistochristopho) to rank the top 15 QB situations in the NFL and to compare "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" characters to NFL characters.

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Ep. 20 (or something): The Michael Kist Special

June 9, 2017

In this episode of the Eleven on 11 Podcast, @MichaelJKist returns to talk about his sudden rise to fame, break down the Jaguars selections of Leonard Fournette and Cam Robinson, as well as the Eagles selection of Derek Barnett.

Zach and Mike also have a serious discussion on Colin Kaepernick, rank the Migos and their favorite concerts, and do an extensive breakdown on Michael's 40 yard dash. Questions from Twitter, including proper lazy river etiquette, are covered as well.

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Episode 19: 2017 NFL Draft recap!

May 4, 2017

Ryan and Zach go over the 2017 NFL Draft results, including their favorite and least favorite draft picks and team draft's, as well as a recap on both the Jaguars' and the Patriots' drafts.

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Episode 18: Podcast mock draft and final draft takes with @MattHoffmanNFL

April 25, 2017

Matt returns to conduct a final podcast mock draft with Ryan and Zach, as well as drop final draft takes and discuss what we'd use as a walkout song if we were drafted, before the big day on Thursday.

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Episode 17: Wide receivers with @BenjaminSolak and Michael Kist

April 19, 2017

Zach and Ryan have Benjamin Solak (BenjaminSolak) of and Michael Kist (he doesn't want you to follow him on Twitter, so annoy him and follow @MichaelJKist) of on the show to talk the 2017 NFL Draft wide receiver class, Bryan Walters, and the Philadelphia Eagles!

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Episode 16: Tight ends, Pro Days, and more with Trevor Sikkema!

April 5, 2017

Trevor Sikkema of (@TampaBayTre) joins Zach and Ryan to recap his rounds of the Pro Days within the state of Florida, discuss the 2017 NFL Draft tight end class, the Buccaneers, and debate Moes vs. Chipotle.

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